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Svelte powered three.js development

Svelthree components' code is written in TypeScript. You can set up a new Svelte TypeScript project (official) like this:

	npx degit sveltejs/template my-svelthree-app
	# or download and extract this .zip file
	cd my-svelthree-app

	node scripts/setupTypeScript.js
	npm install
	npm install svelthree --save-dev

🍦 You don't have to write TypeScript in order to use svelthree-components, change <script lang="ts"> to <script> and do it VanillaJS!

Svelthree is a Svelte components library for declarative construction of reactive and reusable three.js scene graphs utilizing three.js source in a slightly modified version svelthree-three.

Svelthree is still in an early "proof of concept" development phase aiming to offer a declarative, component based, yet familiar, three.js-API benefiting from Svelte's rapid and friendly developer experience as well as it's high reactive perfomance.

Explore our Examples section and give it a try!

👨🏻‍💻 Svelthree is being developed by Vatroslav Vrbanic (vatro) and will hopefully attract more contributors in future. Keep an eye on svelthree development and examples updates by following Vatro on Twitter and please consider sponsoring svelthree by chipping into one of the available GitHub Sponsor Tiers or by donating on Patreon.

Thank you! 👍